It was the noon of February 2018, when we, a group of Lithuanian tourists entered the land of Rwanda. Contrary our anticipation after sun -dried  savannas  of Uganda, everything  looked  fresh and green. It was much struck with the strange  beauty  of  the  view  which gradually opened out before us. Rwanda is also called ‘The land of thousands hills” with   jagged   peaks, clear lakes and flowering soil.  But  this story is not about rolling hills that’s emerges from the clouds, not about the jungle forests and mountain gorillas. There is a story about our earthman missionary Father Herman Schulz, a founder of Hameau des Jeunes  (Youth Township) When he arrived to Rwanda in 1974. he opened the 150-place orphanage in remote village called Musha (not far from  the  border  with  Tanzania). Father Herman has also built homes for many peoples into the local community, several churches, parish houses, a  charity  dining  hall and a gymnasium .He fostered a poor children, orphans, who could  not find warmth at their own home, or has no home at all and are in need of care and attention. When talking about traumatic experiences of his children, the ways they had got into the homestead , Father Herman couldn’t stay calm. “When you stand on a lake and you throw a stone into the lake. First you have large ripples, then the ripples get smaller and smaller still, then the surface calm , but the stone is still on the bottom. That is same with those  children:they appear like an ordinary children , but the stone of their experience is still lying in their hearts  and will be lying forever”.IMG_2955

is-klaipedos-kiles-hermanas-sulcas-nuo-1978-uju-gyvena-ruandoje-56f4e98c2f33aHerman Schulz was born in 1939 in Lithuania. His childhood was quite  tough  after  losing   his father  during the war in 1941. Together with mother and  eldest   brother  they  moved to Germany, where was working hard but his life was still poor. When he became a Salesian   priest, he decided to help children so in  1974 he found himself in Rwanda and he is still continuing his mission till today. In 1994, the terrible genocide killed about 1 million Innocent Rwandan people, the Youth homestead was demolished, children from Youth center were killed too, only 12 children stayed alive. Father Herman began to rebuilt all the farm and now it looks as if nothing terrible had  happened  there. “Rwandans have exhibited an amazing Christian ability to forgive. While murderers of their family members and friends may still saunter among them, they are quick to say “We are no longer Hutu and Tutsi , we are Rwandans”, says Father Herman.

_DSC0117 The children in the Homestead looked happy and were smiling to us,  they danced African dances ardently clattering African drums inviting us to dance _DSC8577together.

_DSC8571 We were welcomed with tasty cakes that were home made by lovely girls and served flavorful tea. Time passed very quickly, we had to go back to Kigali. We left the Youth homestead fascinated by hospitality of Father Herman and his children, impressed by the amount of what one devoted man can do.  We have definitely met an extraordinary Man. We felt like we just dropped the  mask  which hid our hearts underneath. We were talking without using any words but only through our hearts. “God is writing a letter of love trough my works which I pass to the world” says  Father  Herman Schulz. We were heading _DSC8573back in silence thinking how the one man with the big heart can make a noticeable difference in this tough world._DSC0129_DSC0125



Leonarda Sarakauskiene;